Hooray for the Home Team!

Did you catch the clips of the Olympians as they were arriving home? I’ll be honest, I kinda got choked up seeing the joy and knowing these families experienced it so differently as they could only watch them from a screen while they traveled far from home to fulfill their dreams.

It makes me think of those of us in Ministry and our own home teams. Just like the Olympian families, our home teams all look different.

Leaders who serve alongside their spouse with both of them on staff at churches. 

Leaders who serve without their spouse even attending church.

Leaders who are single and serve in a church far away from any family. 

Leaders who are parents with sometimes unbearably busy schedules.

Leaders who have no one else helping them at their church and it is all on their shoulders.

These are just a FEW of the scenarios we find ourselves in when we answer the call to serve in the church. (Oh my goodness, there are a thousand more).

For me through the years it has been my hubs who sometimes got “voluntold” to do things he really didn’t want to do, but knew it was important to me. (He’s always been my biggest cheerleader).

Or my son who had to entertain himself while I was in a. noth. er. meeting.

Or my Mom who was a prayer warrior and always told me how proud of me she was. (She’s with Jesus now, I sure do miss her!)

Or my sweet friends who had to listen to me dream and (ok honesty here), just be whiny sometimes. Some of them even joined me in volunteering to serve alongside me.

I know I can’t do it without my people.

My home team. 

Who are your people? Say thank you to them this week. Send them a Starbucks, write them a note, or have a face to face convo with them to let them know you couldn’t do it without them!